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Week 4
1/24th Production Saloon
Week 3
1/32nd Sports/GT
Week 2
1/32nd Group 12 Saloon
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1/32nd Formula 2
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Summer 2024

Summer 2024
Club car tables using points system based on this year's Real Formula 1 points system.
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July 18th
Unfortunately nearly everyone was on holiday or racing in Europe, so no racing and nothing to report.

Club Cars
We had 5 to race tonight, so we ran a 5 man segmented race but missing out Orange lane so we could have 2 marshals.
Chris was on good form again to take the overall win by some 10 laps from Woody in 2nd and Nick 3rd. His winning margin was such that he took the Handicap race as well. He posted a new overall best on Yellow of 52.87 and there were PB's for Kev and Geoff.

RC data.
... ... ... Handicaps applied ... Open Class
With 5 drivers we also ran 3 man races with 2 marshals with all to count in qualy. Chris continued with his good form to take TQ by 2 and a bit laps from Woody, then Nick Kev and Geoff. Two good PB's for Nick.
Kev's car was dis-integrating towards the end so pulled out of the finals. These we ran as 2 x 2 man races and win from any lane. First up was Geoff and Nick, and this was a straight forward win for Nick by some 7 laps from Geoff and gave Nick 3rd overall. The second race was a cracker for the first couple of minutes or so with Woody and Chris driving at break-neck speed separated by only a few inches. Both had a few offs along the way so the lead changed a few times. Woody eventually had a couple of off's too many and Chris pulled out a slender gap to take the win by just short of 1/2 a lap.

RC data. ... ... ... ... ...

Club Cars
Only 4 to race tonight. Ran as 2 races using 2 sets of 2 lanes. Nick & Chris cleaned the track and it was in tip-top condition. This resulted in plenty of PB's and 2 new overall records for Chris, a 52.84 on Purple and an overall total of 200.24, first to break the 200 lap barrier.
Geoff made good use of his handicap to take the Handicap win by under half a lap from Nick.

RC data. ... ... ... Handicaps applied ... Open Class
Only 4 to race tonight. We just ran 1 2 lane qualy as Chris stripped a gear and with no spare wasn't able to continue and Kev, not feeling too well, pulled out.
That left Nick and Geof to contest a final. This went to Nick but Geoff wasn't too far back and was only 2 1/2-ish laps back at the finish.
RC data. ... ... ... ... ...
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