Leicester Slot Car Club

We have moved to new premises from January 2022!
This web site is being re-built to reflect this.

Web site updated June 24th at 10:30

Next week's Racing - 1/24th Production Saloon
Thursday 30th June

Spring 2022 Winter 2022

Area 5 Nationals Qualify Round 3 - Saturday 12th March

Area 5 Nats Qualy Results

Our New Track



What a fantastic job by Bob Budge, Graham Woodward, Nick Cunningham and Angie Budge. Racing is well under way now with our monthly/weekly rotations -

  • week 1 - 1/32nd Formula 2
  • week 2 - 1/32nd Group 12 Saloon
  • week 3 - 1/32nd Sports/GT
  • week 4 - 1/24th Production Saloon
If there is a week 5 then we usually have some sort of team race with club cars



Find Us: LE19 4NE
If you are coming from Leicester Lane, carry straight on at the traffic lights. If you are coming past the old clubroom then turn left at the traffic lights at the church. Past the New Inn pub carry on, bearing right at the split and the car park is 100 yards or so on your left. It's not very large so please park as close as you can.

As you can see there is an alley way that leads down to the clubroom door, which is a blue door about 20/30 yards on your right and the clubroom is up a set of stairs over to your right.

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Racing Classes

Our Racing Classes conform to BSCRA standards

Car Standards BSCRA Rule Book

1/32nd Formula 2

... ...

Week 1

1/32nd scale F2 cars. Any chassis but restricted to a sealed motor.

1/32nd G12 Saloon

... ...

Week 2

1/32nd Group 12 Saloon cars. Any chassis with motor restricted to Group 12.

1/32nd Sports/GT

... ...

Week 3

1/32nd Sports/GT. A Choice of restricted pressed chassis and either sealed Falcon or Wasp/Super Wasp Motors.

1/24th Prod Saloon

... ...

Week 4

1/24th Production Saloon. Choice of restricted chassis and Group 12 motors.

Team Race ??

... ...

Week 5

If there is a 5th week in the month we usually run a Team Race with club cars.